Image of Sumerian landscape

Time Periods

Time Periods

6000 BCE

Ubaid Period
The earliest cities and pottery from Mesopotamia.

4000 BCE

Uruk Period
Beginning of the Sumerian civilisation. The main city at this point was Uruk.

3300 BCE

Beginning of the Bronze Age
Generally considered to be the beginning of the Bronze Age in the Middle East.

3150 BCE

Jemdet Nasr Period
The Beginning of the Jemdet Nasr Period in Sumeria and the end of the Uruk Period.

2900 BCE

Early Dynastic Period
The beginning of the Early Dynastic Period in Sumeria, and the end of the Jemdet Nasr period.

2300 BCE

Akkadian Period
Akkadian Period

2100 BCE

Ur III Period

2000 BCE

Isin Period

1850 BCE

Babylon I

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tamarisk tree

Trees in Sumeria

It is easy to think of Sumeria as a barren land, only kept alive by irrigation canals. In addition to irrigated trees such as date palms, we also find interesting flora such as the tamarisk, juniper and cedar.

Geography of Sumeria

The Lion Hunt

If you have visited the Sumerian section of the British Museum, chances are you have seen the Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal. It is a series of very impressive wall coverings illustrating the King Ashurbanipal's prowess.

Geography of Sumeria

The game of Ur

Possibly the oldest board game in existence, and surely the oldest we have rules for, the Game of Ur is a fascinating predecessor to Backgammon. Watch a video on how to play it, and see the original at British Museum.